Tea Terra

Our plant

The idea of growing Camellia Sinensis arose after noticing that other varieties of Camellia had been successfully growing in the lands of Galicia for years. In the garden centre Río Tollo we realized the many existing synergies between the Japanese and the Galician cultures: traditions and legends have a special meaning for these two millennial societies.

Contribute to the habit of consuming products that have such a beneficial effect for the organism was one of our main motivations. Introduce in our Spanish-Mediterranean diet one of the healthiest oriental traditions, tea consumption, became an exciting project in which we’ve begun with the greatest hope and joy.

We’ve found that Galicia´s climate and soil create the ideal environment to grow tea plants, becoming the first Camellia Sinensis growers in Spain and the second ones in Europe. Our tea plant possesses a distinguishing factor that makes it special: it’s a strong and sturdy plant, grown in a not artificial environment with absolutely natural facilities and without any kind of chemical additive. As a result, our plant reveals itself as hardy and vigorous, which is ideal for further growing and consuming at home.

Social Dimension

Nevertheless, we wanted to take a step further and contribute with locals, with our community, and cooperate with them. We are trying to promote the integration of young people with special learning needs, involving them in the caring and growing process of the tea camellias. For that purpose, we collaborate with Asociación San Xerome Emiliani, based at A Guarda.

The girls and boys from the association are helping us plant the seeds in the substratum, and when the tea plants reach an adequate size, they place them into the pots and also prune them periodically to achieve an appropriate branching. These tasks make these young people take part of a process that helps them feel useful and fulfilled.